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Tokens can be listed through a community vote using our NIO Listing Token (NLT) or by filling out the request form. Listing votes will be held at regular intervals throughout the year, more information on the votes will be released soon.

NIO Listing Tokens (NLTs)

NIOdex community listing votes will be held at regular intervals several weeks apart. At the beginning of each new listing competition, the NIOdex team will take a snapshot of existing NIOX holders and use that as the basis for airdropping NIO Listing Tokens (NLTs).

NLT will be airdropped to holders of NIOX at a 1:1 ratio shortly before each new listing vote begins. Each NLT token will each count as a single vote towards a project listing and can be allocated among different listings according to the token holder’s preferences. NLT’s can also be sold on the NIOdex to any other interested parties.

Each listing vote will last for 10 days, after which NLT’s are no longer be eligible to be used for voting or resale. Use, sale, or transfer of NLTs will continue at the token holder’s discretion until three hours before the end of the current listing vote, when trading NLT will be halted. A new snapshot and airdrop of NLTs will be undertaken at the beginning of the next listing competition at the same 1:1 ratio.

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Have your Community involved

Any token that meets our standards is eligible for a community listing vote on the NIOdex. The winner of the most community votes will be listed on the exchange pending a final due diligence check by the NIOdex team. Any community can use the native market maker on the NIOdex to build liquidity on their favorite listed tokens.

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Request a listing

Submit a request to get your favorite token listed on the NIOdex. Eligible tokens can be listed through a community listing vote or via a listing request. For more information on listing procedures and fees, please see the FAQ or contact a member of the NIOdex team.

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