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Trade faster, smarter, safer.

Incorporating high order throughput, decentralized peer-to-peer crypto exchange, algorithmic trading features and an inbuilt market maker, the NIOdex was designed to address the shortcomings of existing decentralized exchange design.

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The first smartdex in the industry
to trade cryptocurrencies

What makes our decentralized exchange so intelligent ?


Get a better sense of the market with our built-in Sentiment Analysis.

Use the power of artificial intelligence to analyze trading pairs. Our AI module, NIOnet combs through millions of Google search and social media data points, identifying the pairs that are gaining the most traction in the market.

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NIOnet integration for Sentiment Analysis

Incorporating sentiment analysis directly into the NIOdex, allows users to seamlessly trade using recommendations generated by our Artificial Intelligence module.

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Automated Algo-trading features

The NIOdex is full compatible with our AutoNIO trading terminal. Design and execute your own trading algos or purchase them from the marketplace and run them on the exchange.

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Trade your favorite assets with a high liquidity and a low spread.

The NIOdex combines the power of our inbuilt market maker with the 0x liquidity protocol to maximize liquidity and minimize spread across order books.

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Natively integrated Market Maker

Our exchange architecture allows for 0% fee order cancellations and high order throughput, creating an ideal environment for our Market Maker.

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0x Protocol liquidity Pool

Sharing order books across other 0x compatible exchanges allows NIOdex users to access the shared liquidity pool powered by the 0x protocol.

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Your funds are SAFE. And it's easy to trade them.

The efficiency of NIOdex smart contract makes trading fast and seamless, the final settlement of peer-to-peer trades on-chain, makes it more secure than conventional centralized exchange architecture. The NIOdex team hold no custody of user funds at any point.

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No Signup required

The NIOdex is compatible with your existing Metamask wallet. Simply open up Metamask, and transfer funds into the NIOdex smart contract to begin trading.

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P2P Trading on Ethereum Blockchain

All transactions are settled on-chain through peer-to-peer asset exchange.

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On-Chain transaction, Off-chain order

Our hybridized design approach combines the best of each system: removing the friction of low transaction speeds and incorporating the security of P2P settlement.

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Accessible & Ergonomic User Interface

Our intuitive user interface is designed to be accessible and intuitive for both novice traders and professionals alike. Wrapping professional tools like Trading View charts and market makers, in a sleek and accessible UI.

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Connect through Metamask

Instantly connect your wallet to the exchange, using a simple process that is both easy and secure.

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We are a Community-driven Exchange.

Our governance structure is designed to lower the barrier to entry for both potential new listings and dedicated communities. Allowing users to submit their own request for listings and easily add liquidity to their favorite tokens.

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Democratic Governance

Communities can submit their favorite token pairs for a listing vote. NIOdex users can then decide which projects are awarded listings on the exchange through our voting token. Additionally, users will also be able to vote on platform and ecosystem updates.

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Automated Algo-trading features

The NIOdex was created to serve as a sandbox for our algo-trading software. With full AutoNIO integration, users will be able to design, deploy, purchase and run their own custom algorithms to run on the NIOdex.

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Fair fees with scaling incentives.

  • Maker


  • Taker


  • Market-maker

    0.075% rebate

NIOdex video Walkthrough

What's better than watching it work in 3 minutes?

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Do you have ideas, bugs or feedback you want to share with us? Check out our Help Center platform and find answers to your questions there or get one of our team members to help you.

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Trade on NIOdex today and experience:

Smart trading features, no signup required, dedicated support, a friendly user interface, and much more.